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Google Scripps network Interactive publishes his report about a previous year of growth of google in revenue, videos and web publish material. Meeting in Las Vegas, where all the national association of broadcasters is sitting in the annual conference. At NAB, 1700 of exhibitors and 10,0000 attendees representing dozens of industries included TV, Media, Movie, Radio and now, virtual reality.
And all of the attendees agree this is one of the best years for Media.
Media, Movies, Radio and Cloud technology are coming nearly to each other for the success of economics of the business of Media Industries.
Large-scale computing system and new content reach the billion of users cross the new milestone for the internet industry who cross the many industries in term of money. Companies are broadcasting more than ever in history. The ease of use of cloud technology load more users of the internet from all over the world. 

Google cloud improves more than 35 improvements in analytics, performance and greatly improve his personalized experience.
Google gives Example:

For example on the premises, their algorithms to identify top tracks took five hours; on BigQuery in Google Cloud, it takes eight minutes.

This is a google statement, who show the improvements and happiness of Google. Google Scripps network interactive saw its Livestream TV Everywhere video play grow by 844 percent in 2016.

 2016 Scripps Networks Interactive Report

  • 5 Billion total video views in 2016
  • 844% annual growth in video plays in 2016
  • 320 Million visitors in Q4 2016
  • 4.2 hours spent per viewer in per month

Google users clouds to get a better experience than ever and run their multiscreen video on mobile and connected devices.
Google excited for their users have new ways to monetize his content and get targeted ads on his content easily. Now Google look forward to doing much, much more, and hope others join google in the Journey of Success


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