Is It Amazingly Surprise City From Pakistan?

By SMMARU Urdu News
(University of Columbia) I think we know very well about this university. This university gives thesis to the student about one of the Pakistani city. Why this is very important for the world and the economic living of Pakistan?. This city area called a golden triangle for Pakistan. It's a wonder for the world from the Pakistan. None other than Sialkot.
High tech city on business, full area and the city crowded with businessmen spread all around the world. Very amazing and hard working work from this city for the development of Sialkot's. Recently Sialkoti build's largest Airport of Pakistan in the private sector. How Sialkot becomes very rich and build an airport and another start now own airline and other development programs in own city?.
The main business for Sialkot is exporting product such as sports goods, surgical instruments, musical instruments, hosiery sportswear, provide a good living for an inhabitant of the city.
Sialkot is a highly recognized city in the world because most of the inhabitants of Sialkot living abroad and start an own exporting business and send billions of dollars to his country annually.
Sialkot set as an example of civic leadership and responsibility who will follow other cities of the world one day. If you don't know then we'll tell all of you, Sialkot is the biggest exporter of sports goods in the world, If you know only about famous companies of the world who make sports goods, then you also know these sports companies have acquired sports good from Sialkot and only own labels display these products. Sialkot industries also leave behind many European industries. These industries use most modern ways of manufacture method.

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Some important points about Sialkot:

  • Only 16 lakhs population Sialkot have and one or two people live abroad in all homes of Sialkot. 
  • All the people of Sialkot have own business and export some products to abroad and many in America and Europe.
  • Sialkot called golden export triangle in the world in between industrial area.
  • Sialkot have biggest export goods industry and surgical instrument industry.
  • Sialkot is a historical city and 5000 years old city, one of the ancient city of the world.
  • Sialkoti builds an own private public airport who has the longest runway in Pakistan.
  • Sialkot also establishes own airline (Air Sial)
  • Sialkot only gives billions of dollars of revenue to Pakistan every year after Karachi. (Karachi is 5 times greater than Sialkot).
  • Sialkot has thousands small and big industrial zone spread all over the city.
  • The Pakistani some billionaire also belongs to Sialkot such as Malik Riaz (the business tycoon of Pakistan).
  • Sialkoti famous in the world as quarrel people due to the better economic condition of all the peoples of Sialkot.
  • Sialkot has highest per capita income in the whole Pakistan.
  • The labor in Sialkot is very high from remaining Pakistan due to his economic conditions.
  • Many world's known universities give thesis to students about the Sialkot industrial management zone and Sialkot, due to his widespread industries.
  • The poverty ratio in Sialkot is very close to none.
  • Sialkoti every year ordered thousands of cars online from japan.
  • In Sialkot, newly branded cars run on roads as compared to other cities, and every year, most of the Sialkoti change the car and buy a new version of his favorite brand.
  • It's an amazingly surprised city in Pakistan.


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