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In the mobile market, now we see every company makes new mobile devices and make the new version every month, that's why the values and the price going little day by day. Due to the range of great technology introduced every month in the world, the older technology becomes older after every month. Nowadays mobile use as a mini computer.
Nowadays mobile are becoming higher in the new technology and lower price. I think no one thing in the world buying and selling like mobile and becomes older.


    Apple is an American multinational company who develop an electronic gadget in the world with some of the rare and high technology used in mobiles
34.8 %  of global active market share in the world.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 34.8%


    Samsung most famous and worldwide known company who makes electronics devices and mobile tablets in the world. This is the most famous company outside the Europe and its  Globally market share very high, then other all mobile manufacturers in the world. 

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 23.3%


    Huawei biggest Chinese multinational company in the world who create best mobile and smartphones in the world. Due to most significant share in China and Asia, this is the third largest smartphone company in the world.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 5.4%


    Xiaomi also Chinese multinational company in the world which is very famous in India. It's also called a Chinese Apple.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 3.7%


    Lenovo also a Chinese company with monthly active globally share is 2.7%. Lenovo also bought a Motorola.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 2.7%

6. LG:

    LG is another very famous and most useful industry in the world in term of refrigerator and Television and Smartphone. I personally like more than another smartphone.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 2.5% 

7. SONY:

    Sony very great smartphone industry in India, Pakistan and other Asian countries. Globally monthly active Smartphone share is 2.4%.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 2.5%

8. OPPO:

    This is another Chinese company with 2.4% share in the global market.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 2.4

9. VIVO:

     This company has 2% share in the global market.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 2%

10. HTC:

      This is an American company with globally 1.2% share in the world market.

  • Monthly Active Smartphone Share: 1.2%
This is the chart from Statista new report, you should see this chart carefully to know the progress of smartphone companies in the world.
Infographic: Whose Devices Are Being Used The Most? | Statista 


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